Men's Nike AF 1/1 Shoe

Nike AF 1/1
Men's Shoe
The radiance lives on in the Nike AF 1/1, the b-ball OG that puts a tailored spin on what you know best: crisp upper, bold colors and the perfect amount of flash to make you shine. The new, customizable design features a hook-and-loop upper with removable overlays so you can change up your look to match the day.

Make It Your Own
Remove it, add it, customize it—the hook-and-loop upper lets you create your own, 1-of-a-kind design.
Heritage Meets the Individual
Smoother than backboard glass, the removable overlays on the upper let you add your own style to the b-ball OG.
Hardwood Comfort for the Streets
Originally designed for performance hoops, Nike Air cushioning adds lightweight, all-day comfort.
Sleek B-Ball Looks
The padded, low-cut collar adds a clean b-ball look that feels comfortable.

More Details
  • Craft box designed shoebox includes top tray with starter kit
  • Foam midsole