November 19, 2020 2 min read

How do I sign up? 

 The sign up will be made available on all advertisements posted relating to the specific raffle. Raffle sign ups will be made available via  http://ow.ly/1PbP50CpBIj  and in all of our email/SMS blasts! 


What is the limit to the number of signups? 

We make it as fair as possible by having one entry per person on each raffle release. Multiple entries will be disqualified. 


What do I do if I'm experiencing difficulties with the raffle? 

For all technical issues please reach out to raffles@theclosetinc.com  . 


Where do I find the release dates for the raffles? 

Please visit our Release Dates page via this link http://ow.ly/VcVy50CpiYL  to see the release date.


What do I do if I want to confirm I was entered successfully? 

To confirm that you were entered successfully you will receive a follow up email after signing up (there may be a delay). If you do not receive a follow up email please reach out to us at  raffles@theclosetinc.com   .


Who can participate? 

Everyone is welcome to participate. However,  Nike/Jordan raffle winners must provide a Canadian address for shipping (relative, friend etc). Due to Nike Canada shipping policies we are unable to ship outside of Canada. 

All other brand names raffled can be shipped worldwide. 


How do I find out what sizes are available? 

The gender of the product being raffled will be provided in the raffle description. Sizing applicable to that gender will be available. 


How are raffle winners announced? 

Raffle winners are contacted via email,SMS & posted on our social media platforms.


How do I qualify for a raffle? 

Participants  must complete all of the qualification  steps provided in the raffle description.