How do I sign up?

 The sign up will be made available on all advertisements posted relating to the specific raffle. Raffle sign ups will be made available via email, social media and SMS blasts!

What is the limit to the number of signups?

Participants are allowed one entry per raffle item unless otherwise specified. Participants who submit more then the allotted balades may be disqualified.

What do I do if I'm experiencing difficulties with the raffle?


Please follow the instructions provided on the entry form. If you are having issues with your browser or submitting your info please clear your cache/cookies or use another browser. If you are having issues with your email please update your account on to match your raffle submission information.

We are unable to edit email information on the registration form or assist with sign up.

Where do I find the release dates for the raffles?

Raffle dates are provided on the raffle entry page and on all social media posts.

Who can participate? 

Everyone is welcome to participate. However, Nike/Jordan raffle winners must provide a Canadian address for shipping (relative, friend etc). Due to Nike Canada's shipping policies we are unable to ship Nike/Jordan products outside of Canada.

All other brand names qualify for international shipping.

How do I find out what sizes are available?

The gender of the product being raffled will be provided in the raffle description. Sizing applicable to that gender will be available. No product quantities will be provided.

How are raffle winners announced?

Raffle Wins Are Not Posted Publicly. Raffle participants are contacted via email if they have won. Raffle winners are encouraged to post their win and we will then re-post publicly.

How do I know If I won?

If you are not contacted 12-24 hours after the conclusion of the raffle, you did not win. Winners are notified within 12-24 hours with the exeption of long weekends or holidays.

How do I qualify for a raffle?

Participants must complete all of the qualification steps provided in the raffle description.

Is there a time limit to pay for the invoice?

Winners will have 30 minutes after the invoice has been sent to complete their purchase.

Invoices are secured for 30 min and become FCFS after 30 min or void.


All Raffles are subject to change or cancellation

November 19, 2020 — ROBERT FERRELL