(Important Notice: All Releases/Raffles Are Subject to Change or Cancellation Without Prior Notification)

Release/ Raffle Types

(FCFS) First-Come, First-Served - (On Designated Platform - In-Store, In App and/or Online) 

Purchase Release/ Raffle - (In-Store, Online and/or In App)

(DM) Purchase Release/ Raffle - (Direct Message On Designated Social Platform)

Platform Exclusive Release/ Raffle - ( Exclusive to Designated Platform)

Registration Process

To sign up for our raffles, please refer to the respective advertisements posted across our various social media  platforms including email,and SMS blasts.

Signup Limits

Participants are restricted to a single entry per raffle item, unless stated otherwise. Exceeding this limit may result in disqualification.

Troubleshooting Raffle Issues

If you encounter difficulties during the raffle, we recommend clearing your browser's cache and cookies. Follow the instructions provided on the entry form. In case of browser or submission problems, clear your cache/cookies or consider using an alternate browser. For email-related issues, your account on Theclosetinc.com must match your raffle submission details. Please note that we cannot modify email information on  the registration form or provide sign-up assistance to edit accounts .

Release/ Raffle Date Information

Raffle dates are specified on our social media platforms within posts & registration pages.


Participation is open to all, but please be aware that winners of Nike/Jordan raffles must provide a Canadian shipping address (e.g., a relative or friend). Due to Nike Canada's shipping policies, we are unable to ship Nike/Jordan products outside of Canada. All other brands are eligible for international shipping.

Sizing Details

The raffle description will indicate the gender of the product being raffled, along with the available sizing options. Specific product quantities will not be disclosed.

Raffle Winner Notifications

We do not publicly announce raffle winners. Raffle participants will receive email notifications if they have won. Winners are encouraged to share their success, and we may repost their achievements publicly.

Verification of Winning

If you do not receive a notification within 12-24 hours after the raffle concludes, regrettably, you were not selected as a winner (Please No Inquiries).  Winners are typically notified within this timeframe, except during long weekends or holidays.

Qualification for Raffles

Participants must successfully complete all qualification steps outlined in the raffle description.

In-Store and/or Online Release/ Raffle Claim

Online winners must complete their purchase within 30 minutes of receiving the invoice. Invoices are only secure for this time; after that, the claim may be voided.

In-store Release/Raffle winners must claim their prizes within 30 minutes or be present during the scheduled release. Valid photo identification is required for verification, and winners must collect their prizes personally with no exceptions.

Order Cancellations

All raffle orders may be subject to change or cancellation without notice. All orders placed outside the guidelines / rules / times of the release may be cancelled without notification.