Men's 550 New Balance "Monochromatic Slate Grey"

$160.00 CAD
SKU: BB550MCB-5.5


550 New Balance 
Men's Shoes BB550MCB
New Balance’s 550 originally made its mark on pro basketball courts in 1989.The original 550 debuted in 1989 and made its mark on basketball courts from coast to coast. After its initial run, the 550 was filed away in the archives, before being reintroduced in limited-edition releases in late 2020, and returned to the full-time lineup in 2021, quickly becoming a global fashion favorite. The familiar 550 silhouette is outfitted in premium leather uppers, rendered in monochromatic colorways, for an eye-catching take on a classic look.

In keeping with the fearlessly independent New Balance aura, the color grey stood out amongst its competitors, while proving to be a perfect complement to the concrete and asphalt backdrop of road running. Before long, people noticed that running shoes looked good at any speed. While the models have evolved over the years, grey has remained constant. It’s always the first thing you notice. 

Product Bullets

  • Synthetic leather uppera
  • Rubber outsole for traction and durability
  • Adjustable lace closure
  • Synthetic
  • Lace
Color Description
  • Slate Grey/Concrete
Product Segment
  • Court
Product Sub Segment
  • Basketball Inspired