Men's SUBU Amp "Mono white"

$108.00 CAD
SKU: SA-402-6.5-7.5

Men's SUBU Amp
"Mono white"

SUBU with a quality boost. The patented comfort remains but resistance improves with Cordura: a high-performance fabric, that will make SUBU amp your trustworthy companion for camping and hikes.

The materials are machine washable, but for safety it is recommended to clean them by hand with lukewarm water. Do not dry the SUBU in a dryer as the EVA layer in the sole may be damaged.

Please wash by hand in lukewarm water with mild detergent.Use a soft brush to clean the dirt off.Once cleaned, dry thoroughly, avoiding the direct sunlight.Storing while dirty or moist might result in mold or discoloration. Do not wash in a washing machine. Please refrain fro drying in dryer, as may deform the EVA layer of


  • High-performance Cordura® for the upper fabric
  • Raised inner fabric for extra comfort
  • Flexible Heel
  • 2 ways to wear (regular and open heel)
  • Comes with shoe pouch

    Materials: Nylon with Teflon coating, polyester down fill, synthetic rubber sole, drawstring storage bag

    Care Instructions: machine wash on gentle cycle, lay flat to dry.

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